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Big show! running commentary.

Thursday, 24 May, 2007

I know I shoulda watched at least the last few.

  • Nice introduction and wrap-up for the intro … I suppose there will be a new audience.
  • Opening scene, interesting scenario, cartoony presentation.
  • Harvey Keitel in a commercial … for Gatorade‽
  • So, Allison Janey and The West Wing exist in this world? Where did the “Bartlett for America” poster in the dressing room come from?
  • I like not focusing on the “A” characters
  • The juxtaposition of the … oh, they’ll blow it. Nancy Grace prop reaction.
  • Wait. Where’s Matt and/or Danny. I know they respond to criticism, but this is a little much … payoff?
  • Zimmerman for GE … “wind energy by GE” I can’t help but think of it cynically.
  • A song featuring the words “hot like me”, in an ad for a lite beer. Mmmmm, hot lite beer.
  • Ayda Field is even hotter now that she isn’t presented as hot.
  • Simon gets romance? Why does that play flat? I like Simon. I’d like to see a Simon-centric storyline. Is a romance too easy?
  • [local to Austin] A really pathetic “urban themed” ad for Mercedes-Benz. Oh my god. I mean, it’s like the whitest of white sought to insult the “urban” demographic. Perhaps they are marketing the E-series like they marketed the Mitsu Eclipse …
  • very un-Harriet-like reaction to AJ’s SFX/props incident
  • oh, the long-awaited showdown about our starring relationship. Unsatisfying, I think?
  • and now the obvious resolution to the Simon storyline … why? why? I mean, really …
  • New Maytag repairman … Haven’t seen that. Somewhat surprised. (Local?)
  • They still do Miss Universe?
  • Why are they sitting around chatting during the show‽
  • I like the idea of a smart ass kid making a threat in such a reactionary way. Playing on the times, you know.
  • So, the leads were not available? What else do they have to do?
  • It’ll be next week, but did the dog find something? You know, under the stage?

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