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Wednesday, 20 June, 2007

I’ve wasted the last several hours coming to the conclusion that the best performance:price ratio in a new laptop/notebook available today is, believe it or not, an Apple Macbook. I don’t mean “for what you get” or adding in all the value-added crap like the pretty good camera and the world’s most refined operating system. I mean, period. You aren’t getting into a laptop which will last more than two years, or that is “Vista Ready” (which I’m using as though it merely means the machine is respectably fast) for under $1200. You can pay a lot more and get a lot more, but I don’t drive a Rolls Royce.

Of course, you can load and run my current OS of choice like it was built for it … and I don’t have to. You can run the either OS inside the other with a little tweaking. The Mac app which tolerates this behavior is called Parallels. I wondered just hoe many OSs had been prepared to run within that system. I don’t believe it.

I want to shoot and edit more, and more kinds of stuff. I’m hitting the limits of what I can communicate this way.

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