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Thursday, 21 June, 2007

Here’s what I want to do as soon as I can figure out how to approach getting the house in order enough to get the handyman in here and repair certain fundamental things, then throw out a bunch of crap … which will never happen.

  • Get an internet account that doesn’t fail as regularly, and slow down as ridiculously as the AT&T connection. (I suddenly have a 256K download link, and they can’t seem to do anything.) With this, dispense with the twentieth-century phone.
  • Get a new-in-box network gateway thing (preferably one whose instructions correspond to the device) to make an in-house wired network.
  • Convert the strawberry iMac to Xubuntu 6, and pare that down to use it as a media server especially “radio” and video streaming and/or RSS podcasting. Possibly adding a 1394 external drive for torrenting.
  • I still can’t decide whether to get a really cheap crappy laptop, and adding memory to it, then building an additional new, modern machine or just breaking down and getting a “pimped” Macbook.
  • The smart money is on the Macbook.
  • Another, better desk.
  • Find and acquire a professional quality microphone sstup. I have come to the conclusion, in the most unfortunate way, that the Samson C01U is not appropriate for Mac-based applications.

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