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Broadcast Radio 1916 – 2007

Saturday, 23 June, 2007

Oddly, radio-related issues are before Congress right now. A Texan is issuing vague language about why a Christian broadcaster should get a USG grant to finish construction of a shortwave transmitter in Madagascar, the proposed relaxation of regulations concerning low-power FMs which the likes of us are supposed to support on the theory that a precious few have not been granted to Terrorists and their fellow travelers, and now the BS about returning a kindler gentler version of the regulations regarding what constitutes Public Service …

Internationally, passive-aggressive regulations are under serious consideration which will shut down streaming audio and video. Period. In theory, it is about giving a “service provider” a separate-but-equal new right akin to copyright which will allow them to collect royalties on subsequent “publication” which … I can’t even imagine under what mechanism this would work.

This is all about turning more media over to the lunatics, and making entry by anyone else even more difficult. It’s over. I’d elaborate, but you really don’t care.

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