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Barry in ’08

Tuesday, 21 August, 2007

EDIT: I neglected to mention what started me on this diatribe. This morning the usual suspects were circulating a story with a headline to the effect “Michelle Obama Attacks Hillary?”. Of course, the headline is deliberately misleading. Nonetheless, reaction to the irrevocable falsehood has been exceptionally positive. That is, Hillary is so last decade. Nineteen Ninety-Four called and they want their Presidential spouse back. Hillary’s mamby-pamby, middle-of-the-road, read it from cue cards message ain’t playing in Peoria.


Firecracker wife, young kids, good on his feet, he hasn’t been sitting around Washington twenty years waiting to run for president … it’s only been three years.

H.R. Clinton’s people didn’t prepare her a comeback for the inevitable “Are you Black enough to be President of the United States?” playing upon the propensity for certain supporting Smart Alecs to refer to her husband as the first Black President. She’s a New Democrat from a mold old enough to drive. It sure feels like it, but it’s no longer 1991. Edwards is a genuinely nice guy. He’s so nice. He’s sometimes even serious. Looking at the field, his nomination at this point is as inevitable as Paul Tsongas or Tom Harkin in 1991. Remember them? Me neither, I had to look it up.

So, we’re going to have a non-White, nominally Christian candidate for the anti-Terror party. Here is what shall happen. Just as sure as the dialog would be “Whitewater (because you did not pay attention to the resolution), Socialized Medicine and remember how bad the economy was in the 90’s” with Hillary, the arguments against Obama will be youth, inexperience, he’s not a veteran, and ten million ways to not say he’s Black.

One day in April or August, some GOP operative will find themselves on a viral video calling one of the Obamas “the N-word”. All the usual suspects will stand up to say how reasonable and understandable such a reference actually is. At that point they’ve got “oh, ye” 28%, and they lose everybody else … even some racists who know better than to say such things in public. The GOP must and shall cook up a third-party candidate to draw votes away from the Dems. (see: Sharpton and Nader)

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