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Thursday, 23 August, 2007

After putzing around about this for neigh on six years I commenced the process of acquiring a passport this morning. I must acquire two pieces of documentation I do not have for this to happen. The first is in the process of coming to me. You may now request documentation from the Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics via internet. It is an additional five bones, but what the hell.

I will attempt to acquire another piece of documentation this afternoon, and may be forced to go [30 miles north] to Georgetown to do so … it occurs to me that I should work out the Southbound office for my document as well.

I do this as I have a renewed desire to travel, and, aside from finding a job within the country, will soon meet the requirements for emigration to, at least, two predominantly English-speaking countries.

If the passport office requires a destination, which is not a requirement but may be insisted upon by the person “assisting” me with the paperwork, I believe I will say I am intending to go to Windsor, Ontario next summer. I don’t anticipate the forms people will get the joke.

Before all is said and done, I will spend not less than four months and $220 simply acquiring authorization to leave.

Planning an itinerary, I notice it is nearly three times the distance from my part of Texas to “the sticks” than from there to Windsor. Somehow that seem weird. Any destinations in the GWN I should know about should I be compelled to go?

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