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Thursday, 6 September, 2007

I honestly didn’t think we’d see the phone-less iPhone for at least a year. I honestly didn’t think we’d see a significant price drop on the iPhone for at least six months. We know how many they are selling, but we won’t really know the return rate until Steve writes his ghosted autobiography. It’s estimated to be around 20%, but that is surely guessing. Only one step remains: AT&T may be taking a hit on every one they sell because they can’t “up sell” or provide accessories for the thing. Every day iPhone stays tied to the AT&T network is a day it is closer to becoming Newton II.

: Don’t get an iPhone to cure your Go-Phone woes. It is tied to the same network, so far. When iPhone for T-Mobile (the only other carrier serving Texas using the same type of radio) comes out, then you can get one … and get a connection away from the population centers … or there’s all that Korean stuff coming next year. Skype on an N800?

I know who I’m betting on even if I can’t make the deal just yet.

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