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Keep strong, Tiger.

Wednesday, 12 September, 2007

I’m wasting the days deliberately not thinking about certain things. Among the topics up for discussion are the upcoming transportation upheaval and the new devices becoming available, how the “linux desktop” question is becoming moot because the desktop is going the way of the console radio, the utter and pervasive hopelessness reminiscent of 1991, and where do I go to change my registered stereotype? I called 211, and they didn’t help very much.

Two quickies which were on the back burner too long:

  • I didn’t react as strongly to the closing monologue of the North Pole Special, since I get that all the time. I live in a time and place where the self evident is denied for lack of evidence. Comfort is found in the simplistic and common, without regard to consequence. I’m falling prey to it myself lately.
  • I am of two minds about the overwhelming sameness of retail options throughout the regions of the States. Starting with the Wal-Mart model of the late eighties, products and their attending life options became available to areas in such a fashion life changed for many people. Additionally, novel items from many areas went nationwide. I enjoy the occasional Frostie Root Beer, or Charles Chips. I also enjoy getting a nice drab $15 shirt that I can wear for the next umpteen years. On the other hand, I too miss regionalism, but I’m pretty sure the internet would have had an impact …

oh, screw it.

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