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Conspiracy for today.

Saturday, 29 September, 2007
  • The Axis of Evil: Iraq, Iran and DPR Korea*. What do these countries have in common? When you add Afghanistan to the mix, the only possible interest is the leading export of these historically repressed economies. Heroin.
  • Job one in Afghanistan was to get the agricultural sector back into production. What is the most widely cultivated crop in Afghanistan? Yeah, you’re way ahead of me there, chief. No oil in Afghanistan; at least it isn’t particularly accessible.
  • We get stories from not particularly good sources that the U.S. military is in the region primarily to provide cover for the covert actions of “civilian contractors”. These contractors consist primarily of organizations with strong social and financial ties to the Dominionist movement. That is: the “megachurches” which popped up in the last fifteen years using the designation “Christian” which have their basis in the activities of the Southern Baptist Convention in the Reagan era, and the Billy Graham inspired televangelist movement before that starting in earnest about 1961.
  • These “megachurches” draw a token amount of reasonably well off upper-middle-class types, but the majority of their membership consists of the unemployed, immigrants (undocumented and otherwise) especially recently arrived Mexicans and with focus upon Koreans who they assist with emigration, and the working poor across all ethnic backgrounds. Because of the nature of the membership, they handle a lot of cash. Because of their claimed organizational purpose, they handle this cash above suspicion. Question: Upon what types of cars do you see stickers of the megachurches in your area? No rational economic model for the logistical growth of this movement exists.
  • Real estate holdings for registered churches are tax-exempt.
  • This built-in social organization was used to recruit specially designated and tax-exempt “contractors” for work in the Middle East theater, at comparatively outrageous wages. Reports state these wages as north from USD100 per year.
  • Material is consistently moving back and forth between the major combat operation areas and U.S. military-controlled airfields in Asia, the U.S. and Europe. Specially designated “contractors” intercept this material on both ends, including literally billions of dollars in paper U.S. currency, and in some reports paper Euros transported, at least, to Iraq which has somehow evaporated. This currency was moved in such quantities, it was palletized.
  • The ONDCP consistently provides public-service announcements to radio and television decrying the evils of less popular street drugs, while ignoring the coming peril of heroin. This product is flooding “the streets” of the nation, while the traditionally most popular social narcotic becomes a state-mandated pariah. The banning of smoking in public places has closed several traditional meeting places, and driven significant numbers of gatherings “underground”. That is: to private, wholly unregulated homes.
  • The New York Times reported this week the most conspicuous of the Dominionist-tied “contractors” received a USD15 billion contract to conduct global counter-narcotics operations.
  • Burma has natural gas, petroleum and is the main transit and production point for heroin bound for Australasia and Micronesia.

*I don’t have to go into my thing about not using the nickname “North Korea”, do I?

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