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A tutorial.

Tuesday, 2 October, 2007

Among the nifty things about Livejournal is the scrapbook. The scrapbook is the easiest way to archive images, display them within entries and keep those images tied to your Livejournal.

  1. When posting entries through your browser, you may have noticed this button in “Rich Text” mode:

    or this button when using “HTML” mode:

  2. When you click either button, this box appears to assist you in uploading an image to your scrapbook and posting that image within your Livejournal entry:

  3. When you select “Image from file:” and then the “Browse” button, a box appears for you to locate the image you wish to use:

    The appearance will vary depending upon your operating system and particular browser. This image is from Firefox 2.0 running within Gnome on Ubuntu 7.04

  4. After you have selected your image file and clicked open, the box looks pretty much like this:

    Livejournal knows what to do with it, so all you have to do is let the resulting code (a.k.a.: gobbledeegook) remain and your picture will appear in your entry.

  5. And there you are: another picture added to your Livejournal scrapbook, and displayed within a journal entry. Click this image or any other within this entry to see it at its full size.

I really miss the old cat raves.

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