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Wednesday, 10 October, 2007

As I type I am watching a disaster on the tele-vision called Subtext. I’m thinking about building that next computer I’ve been screwing around with for a couple of years. Somehow, the idea of an ATSC tuner came to mind, and somehow that lead to me firing up the Farnsworth.

From 1-3 AM every night on channel 54 (I don’t know how long this has been going on, and am intimidated by the prospect that this could possibly have gone on for years.) a live, locally originating program airs. It is a tie-in to a dating site, also called Subtext. The show consists primarily of an aspiring actor sitting on a white sofa reading and not quite cleverly commenting upon text messages sent by members of the site, and evidently other people, while these messages roll up a chroma-keyed backdrop.

I must confess I am excited about the prospect of live local-origination programming at this late date, and this late hour. In practice, the show is compelling much in the same way The Cindy Margolis Show was the most fascinating program on television.

Tonight’s host, Danielle, has a peculiar fixation on the movie Ghost Rider.

Update: Oh, Christ. Every fucking thing is on Youtube.

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