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T-Mo2Go MoFo

Thursday, 11 October, 2007

He’s a cute little bastard, the MotoFone F3. I will have a weekend to play with him and determine if this is the way I’m going. I must admit I like the idiot-proof interface and the fact that the display does indeed look like a piece of paper.

As of this writing, it appears I am giving up the toy phone and will move all my telephony away from the land line which I hope to have disconnected soon. If you are keeping track of me in meatspace the 512-448 number and the 512-796 number will be going away soon enough.

Getting the SIM with 140 minutes cost $38 inclusive at the T-Mobile store. That isn’t cheap, but this is the trial. When I buy in bulk which will happen sooner or later, I’ll get down to the 8½¢ range. Those minutes are good for a year, and will last about as long. Doing the phone like this is trés Euro I am told. All I know is I get a phone which I can carry around for about one-third the cost of a wall-fixed line from those father rapers at AT&T.

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