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Monday, 15 October, 2007

The lads have gathered at Sidcup with “improved” versions of their amphibious cars from Series 8, Episode 3 (May 2006). Specifically:

  1. a Nissan pickup truck packed with foam with controls and an outboard in the bed
  2. a Volkswagen Westfalia to which a hull is attached
  3. a convertible Triumph Herald made into something not unlike a sailboat

They stand in front of their vehicles as a white-lab-coated arm reaches into frame handing Jeremy an envelope.

Jeremy Clarkson: Thank you so much. Here’s our challenge. fiddles with envelope

Richard Hammond: Come on then.

Jeremy pauses with an uncharacteristic look of concern.

James May: Is it bad?

JC: Yes. No, no. Really bad.

RH: Go on.

JC: Raises the card from the envelope and recites. You will now drive to Dover,

JM: No. Not …

JC: and then you will then cross the channel to France.

RH: That’s not serious.

JC: What is it? Twenty-two miles?

JM: peeks at the card, mumbles to RH He’s not making it up.

JC: addresses crew behind camera Mine won’t do that.

Tune in for the surprise ending.

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