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But I seldom feel them pass.

Sunday, 21 October, 2007

I don’t know what’s happening. I am compelled toward my more usual than not paranoia. Among the things pushing this:

  • The creeping dread which is more likely than not a product of high or low blood sugar levels or hormones or something.
  • Yet another ghost hunter night on radio’s Coast to Coast AM. However, this program was about an expedition to the long retired Waverly Hills Sanitarium. While in the zip code where I subsisted for the first nineteen years of my persistence, visitors immediately notice the lack of a horizon. The distance is obscured by forested hills. It is not unlike living in a forested bowl. On the crest of the hill most visible, to the east from every point west of US 31W is a large, castle-like structure. An anomaly in an area which was mostly farms before 1950. The more ambitious among my generation would occasionally ask about the imminence which we were supposed to ignore due to its ubiquity. Of course, this was “the old Tuberculosis Hospital” or Waverly Hills. Oddly, by the time I was asking it was an elder care center. Something I discovered today. Teens from the neighborhood would run up there, and even so we didn’t know what it was or was for. A horror film was made there and released in 2004-5. Since that time Waverly Hills has been added to the list of ghosted places.
  • My alarm went off just as American Routes (some NPR show about music, attempting to draw historic connections … oh screw it) started off with a little Bill Monroe then went into a segment interviewing the bugler at Churchill Downs.
  • On some damn radio thing I to which I found myself listening, a expert on the Nazi era was attempting to use specific plans drawn out by the Jerrys to make some kind of analysis as to what We should be prepared to defend against the Middle-Eastern terrorists which the Feds seem to be bringing over on package tours. On this list of non-coastal targets was the McAlpine Locks and Dam although the facility didn’t acquire that name until after the war.

Somehow I got the big dread right at 3 AM this morning. I am reminded of other things as well, but know at least some of this is most likely a manifestation of my descent into proper insanity.

or someone is dead.

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