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Tuesday, 30 October, 2007

I shall succumb to peer pressure.

I am enjoying the newfangled phone enough. I may as well stop screwing around and get the Mac. Specifically the bottom-of-the-current-line iMac.

I have to get, right out of the box, some kind of supplemental storage. This will take the form of an external 1394* drive formatted HFS+. When I have the machine set up it will dual boot Ubuntu 7.10 (aka Gusty) and OS X 10.5.*. The Mac-native file system is readable and writable for Ubuntu, but not vice versa. I don’t yet know if I can create a /home directory in Ubuntu with HFS+. If I cannot, I will create a tiny /home directory and not use it for file storage.

of the 320 GB drive which comes with the Mac, 40 GB would reserve for OS X in HFS+, 40 GB would reserve for the Ubuntu file system in ext4 or ReiserFS and the remaining 240 GB would be storage in Ubuntu legible HFS+

Demand for reading HFS+ in Linux was created by the ubiquitous iPod. A “kext” (that term is newer to me than I will admit) exists for xfs on the Mac, but the guys are currently authoring the Leopard version or at least they’re talking about it.

I would like some kind of device which would allow the connection of three IDE devices through 1394 Firewire. (I may as well start talking like a Mac daddy.) Specifically, I see some use for having a second, external DVD burner and I will have 410 GB of disks sitting around. That should just about hold my collection of homemade pornography.

The sweet spot for external drives right now appears to be 500 GB in 1394a. I intend to buy one of those crude setups which permit the connection of a bare IDE to USB2. I’m pretty sure Discount Electronics, or whatever that place on Anderson Lane with the Mighty Mouse on the roof is called, has them. Or I can order all the external stuff at once from Newegg.

In addition, I can finally lose this awkward desk and may as well move the TV. I’m just going to Ikea and get whatever seems to do the job.

This effort will consume 25% of my available credit, so something crucial is sure to happen.

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