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Thursday, 8 November, 2007

Mighty Mouse: There is no left click. The current shipping version of the operating system does not tolerate left click.

I am getting pretty fucking tired of having to translate Apple->Computer, Computer->Apple.

Ships with Tiger, to get Leopard as you were promised when placing your order, call between 6 AM and 6 PM PST. This is nice to hear from an automated message at 11 PM.

Clicking in a window merely activates that window, additional clicks are required to actually facilitate the window.

Salvaging data is made deliberately difficult by “Target Disk Mode” being merely an entry on the support forums. Following the instructions to activate TDM creates shut down.

The alleged 1394a ports on the side of the Strawberry are not functional. However, I have 1.58 GB of collected data currently crawling through USB 1. This will provide a 50 minute break while I go and get something to eat.

Additionally, the aftermarket speakers aren’t very good.

I am mere hours away from bulking OS X and getting something designed to work. Clicking in any field of text selects a whole word, arrow keys provide left-click fuctions but no traditional, every other OS, single-click is available. This imposes a great deal of redundancy on people who actually use their computers.

The screen is detailed and pretty.

I should have spent the same money on a computer.

iChat supports AIM and Jabber, but you can login to only one Jabber server at a time.

It’s the 21st fucking century.

I suspected I would have to install Ubuntu to get work done and then swap to Mac for …

really, iMovie.

This is a fiasco. Have you ever felt like you’ve been cheated?

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