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Ron Paul

Tuesday, 8 January, 2008

I’ve been living in and/or near Ron Paul’s fiefdom for some time. That has more to do with the redrawing of the Congressional districts than anything else. My town is positively polluted with “Ron Paul Revolution” quasi-homemade banners and signs. Due to certain experiences I am loathe to discuss in a forum like this, I believe I have a certain insight as to the nature of his presidential bid.

Ron Paul is not unlike a Volkswagen.

Rep. Paul is resilient and a creation of people of a particularly specific political bent. His mere continuing existence in the world is intended to strengthen individuals who support an ideology, which is uncannily similar to that of the original supporters of the original VW.

Somehow, hippies like him too.

and his is incompetently over-engineered, like a modern VW.

May providence provide a resolution to our malaise before the end of the hour in which I am typing.

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