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New Deal

Saturday, 12 January, 2008

The key to the New Deal programs which got the economy rolling for the rich, poor and everybody else was a combination of rural electrification and rural telephony. That is, bringing a dramatic improvement in energy use and communication to people in areas where previously only a few had taken it upon themselves to create piecemeal solutions.

These programs provided a basis upon which the people could build, after the collapse of the old, capitalist “free market” system.

The objective of the new New Deal, whatever it shall be called, could be rural networking, specifically internet access at modern speeds, the technology for which exists but is only very slowly being implemented, and the target of eliminating to the extent humanly possible the use of petroleum.

No kidding. Just getting our private transportation needs met without the use of petroleum and all the pain which comes with that infrastructure will go a long way to making all of us on this continent safer in practical terms, and using good ol’ Yankee Ingenuity (a quick glimpse a will show you it’s still out there) provided a basis for exportable industry which we desperately need.

No. I do not care that the “right” people will not be the ones making the money. I don’t really care at all. The day I see a guy in a ten-year-old $1500 suit carrying a sign reading “Will structure bond funds for food.” as I drive by in my new petro-free car …

While I’m here. You yanks better get ready for major American companies to get taken over by foreign firms who will implement superior technology almost immediately. SK Telecom is hinting around about buying Sprint outright. GM may “merge” with someone who doesn’t hate automobiles. There’s that Ford and Fiat car coming. Some Asian OEMs (the people who actually make the stuff) are likely to take over one or more of their customers and use their name. Sony, Zenith, come to mind. Audiovox is already there, as is Polaroid.

Oh. Because mainstream computing appliances are simply getting sillier, the only other game in town will grow as the guys who know what they are doing become alienated and develop on, yes, Linux. It won’t look like what we have now and it won’t be a “desktop” device, which will become as obsolete as console stereos and televisions. It won’t come out of the United States, either.

We still need to devise another word for that communicator other than “phone”.

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