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I’ve been wasting my time.

Saturday, 16 February, 2008

I want to add to the general dialog about presidential candidate. However, my research and so forth has produced merely a pile of incomprehensible crap. It’s worse than my usual incomprehensibility.

Next week, I will attempt to salvage something out of it all. I know I need to work toward hitting the five-minute mark on the videos. Still working on the voice thing.

Tuesday, I finally went and interacted with the automobile called smart. That warrants an entry.

I am getting hits from search engines which are especially specific. “angry stan”, “angrystan fone”, “solitary, poor [etc.] stan”, etc.  I would like to know, at least who you are. “The_deli”, I know you have checked in a couple of times, so you know …

Some of you on the Livejournal system, I watch through the RSS. Not limiting myself to that system has really opened me up to new material. New people, different ideas and ways of doing.

I feel like I owe the internet another video, somehow.

If you really want to know, the shaving experiment is going well. Derbys are better than Crystals on my face. Now that I’m getting a real shave, my whiskers have aligned in a way that … I seem to remember men looking like in the 70’s on day two without shaving. More to come.

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