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Seinfeld rolls a mysterious car.

Thursday, 3 April, 2008

Update 06 April 2008: Automobile magazine worked some kind of magic called “journalism” and uncovered the facts. Seinfeld’s car was a 1967-titled Fiat 500. link

This morning, several news outlets are reporting Jerry Seinfeld rolled one of his classic cars. For those of you outside automotive journalism circles, Seinfeld may own the largest collection of Porsche automobiles in the world. In recent years his collection has expanded to interesting vehicles from other marques, almost exclusively European.

The reporting states the wrecked vehicle is a “1967 Fiat BTM”. This is creating quite a stir on the car blogs since no such vehicle ever existed. Neither is “BTM” an established tuning house or special edition.

Folks with more diligence than your humble narrator, tracked down the car. It is a Fiat Dino Spider of unknown provenance, titled as a 1967 due to age-old and fundamentally silly regulations. In fact, some believe Seinfeld purchased and subsequently destroyed this very example.

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