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The new UHF.

Wednesday, 10 December, 2008

I am now thinking about television again. Like few other things, I am perennially optimistic about the promise of television. I am consistently disappointed with the actual practice.

Knowing of all these new, small-time networks specifically designed to run as filler on digital television subchannels I am reminded of something … I do not know where to start with this kind of thing, but it is something I would like to watch. Initially envisioned as a (way) upper-tier cable channel, broadcast might be more appropriate.

You’ve got all these people doing interesting, compelling or even informative things on cable access channels and places like Dailymotion and Youtube. Oh sure, there’s a lot of crap but if you dig long enough you’ll find gold. Okay, silver, maybe, but that’s something, too.

My pathetic business idea would be to coalesce these disparate voices or phenomena, depending upon your perspective, to create a seven-day, twenty-four hour television channel. Because I am not very creative the project is called Big Time Television, after the “underground” channel from Warner Bros. and ABC’s Max Headroom.

No business model exists, but the shows would be provided at no cost to the channel, thus promoting a certain aesthetic purity, and whatever advertising can be rounded up simply covers the transmission costs … presumably over internet.

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