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Tuesday, 23 December, 2008

I don’t keep a lot of condiments in the house. Those I do have are ones which are likely to be flexible. Wasabi mustard is good on rice or rice and beans, eggs, sausages … Tartar sauce, as opposed to pickle-laden mayonnaise blend which is a common substitute, finds its way to my eggs and a fair number of my winter comfort foods, like those oven-baked french fries and even the occasional fish finger. In this house shoyu soy sauce is a beverage.

No one seemed to know what my favorite condiment is actually called. Not my Asian food expert. Not the manufacturer. It’s label reads “JFG International Prepared Sesame Seed & Seaweed” I prefer the term kelp for English, but what are you going to do. Nori would be similarly acceptable.

Just now, after reading an article about what the President-Elect had for lunch [loud sigh], I discovered the term for what makes a traditional Hawai’ian Spam musubi. Commercially prepared Spam musubi [sic] has furikake in it.

My favorite all around condiment, and you really should try some if you don’t happen to have any around the house, is now known to be furikake. At long last. I’ve been calling it “shaker” because I did not have words more convenient than “Prepared Sesame Seed & Seaweed”.

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