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25 Random Things about angrystan.

Monday, 2 February, 2009

Tagged on facebook by Cheryl/Annie Link/Bell.

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  1. I am notoriously awful about replying to email, comments on my blog, unanticipated telephone calls, and generally being sociable beyond the requirements of common polite behavior. This is clearly a function of my general social anxiety which is a component of the answer to the question: “What’s your problem, dude?”
  2. I have driven the same car for fourteen years.
  3. I have been in the same apartment for eight years.
  4. I have no family.
  5. I have trouble with the words for spacial concepts: left, right, vertical, horizontal, &c and do not know alphabetical order.
  6. I regularly practice an annoying tendency to use archaic typographical shorthand while typing, and only because it amuses me.
  7. I was dragged kicking and screaming into the twenty-first century in October 2007 when I became a mobile-phone-only household. As a compromise, I bought the least featured phone in the world. I still feel funny about it all.
  8. I will avoid social interaction given literally any viable alternative. Unless I have a perfectly good reason and practical purpose, I will avoid interacting with others to the extent possible.
  9. For this reason, I tend to prefer restaurants with counter service and convenience stores with deli service when I am out of the house and must find something to eat.
  10. In April, 2008 I was diagnosed as “high-functioning autistic”. The first such accusation I could not readily disprove. This information and my continuing research has radically altered my approach to every aspect of living. (If you thought I was peculiar before …) This is exacerbated by the fact no appropriate practitioner closer than Dallas is willing to work with anyone other than questionably and recently diagnosed children … and she doesn’t take my insurance.
  11. Using the same information, I may as well achieved a diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. However, I have no recollection of anything which would otherwise qualify me as PTSD.
  12. I am much quieter now, even than I was in 2007.
  13. During the post-diagnosis reassessment, my apartment was renovated. Tending to this forced me to handle and analyze the material evidence of my life over the last thirteen years during an especially sensitive state of mind. This was among the most difficult things I have ever faced. I managed to throw out the equivalent of a medium-sized dumpster of various items, not including four trips to Goodwill.  The apartment, however, is gorgeous. I am convinced this is somehow symbolic, but haven’t really put it together.
  14. Following renovations I compiled a literal, paper list of things I would certainly use but were not in the house and then went out and purchased them. I may now say with authority: I am Ikea’s bitch. I remain particularly fond of my two lampans.
  15. Despite my love of film and long-form video, I avoid going to cinemas. Primarily because such establishments are particularly unpleasant in this part of the world.
  16. I no longer watch television. I don’t know how that happened.
  17. Nonetheless I am a devoted fan of BBC2’s Top Gear which, as far as I know, is not available in my area on actual television.
  18. It has become clear that I have a “man crush” on James May.
  19. Including my co-workers, I interact with only six people in meatspace regularly.
  20. Those of you who knew me in another city and another century may recall I occasionally perambulated with great difficulty, occasionally resorting to the use of a cane. I have worn corrective shoes exclusively since 2001 and move about as I wish cane-free.
  21. I acquired my first credit card ever for the purpose of purchasing such shoes over the internet at a substantial discount. I now have a credit line approximating 75% of my annual income. This cannot be good. Fortunately, I don’t know what to do with it.
  22. I, willfully, do not use traditional banking services, checking, savings, &c.
  23. My attraction to internet-based media has replaced my once-voracious appetite for magazines and books. The last book I was able to read was consumed in 2004. My brain no longer works properly in that way.
  24. I only blog to exorcise certain ideas out of my head. I don’t really know why I have myfaceplace, youtube and all the others. Perhaps I can make something out of these someday.
  25. I may bitch and moan, but as an adult I have never experienced anything I do not deserve … with the possible exception of a few of the good things.

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