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Wednesday, 25 February, 2009

Irrelephant: /ɪˈr ɛl ə fənt/ see Jindal, Piyush “Bobby”

I just watched it again. My god. That was every bit as awkward and terrible as everybody, and I do mean everybody, says. It was poorly executed. He blamed the inept actions of members of his own party on the idea of government. The next person who compares his performance to the gracious presence and magnanimous public image of Fred Rogers shall soon find a bitter little man with terrible hair on their doorstep ready to punch them in the nose. Sacrilege.

I honestly don’t know what to say. He’s the anti-Gingrich. While I am not a supporter of his party or a particular fan of the society over which he presides, he has done so much better in the past; at least publicly. Where was that vibrant, nearly confident governor we saw when hurricanes were bearing down upon Louisiana the week of the RNC? He’s getting advice. That can be very bad.

My only offering of the star of last night’s television spectacular is that were I fully functional, I could rest easy knowing the best minds in the country are conspiring to do something authentically fruitful. Not making press releases. Not getting their names in the paper, save for unfortunately candid remarks every few days. The folks in the Executive Office are, evidently, doing the work.

Work which must be done, and not by the kind of people who would have a beer with the likes of me.

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