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A list of significant automobiles

Tuesday, 24 March, 2009
  1. 1891 Panhard et Levassor A, the first motor car in series production
  2. 1908 Ford Model T, the first motor car in mass production
  3. 1912 Cadillac Model Thirty, the first motor car with both on board electrics and presently standard control layout
  4. 1922 Austin 7, the mass-produced vehicle with the Cadillac control system which moved the British empire
  5. 1939 Crosley 1A, the first American vehicle since the Ford Model T designed for a low retail price and low operating costs.
  6. 1942 Willys-Overland MB, the vehicle, very loosely based on the Austin 7, which introduced driving to significant numbers of Americans during WWII
  7. 1945 Volkswagen Type 1, a distinctive design, based on the Tatra, which kept western Europe on the road and formed the basis of the German “economic miracle” of the 1950s
  8. 1949 Citroën 2CV, a totally original design which kept the French empire on the road
  9. 1950 Nash Rambler, the first American “compact car” and with the amenities of a premium vehicle
  10. 1952 Cony 360, the first successful post-war Japanese motor vehicle and distinctively, appropriately small
  11. 1953 Iso Isetta, widely licensed tiny distinctive motor car
  12. 1959 Austin Seven/Morris Mini-Minor, introduced longitudinal front-wheel drive in a wholly original design
  13. 1965 Renault 16, the first hatchback or liftback
  14. 1974 Citicar, the first post-war, mass-produced electric car to sell in significant quantities
  15. 1998 Smart City Coupe, the most innovative motor car in forty years
  16. 2009 Tata Nano, available in U.S. specification before 2012.
  1. Mark permalink
    Sunday, 21 February, 2010 3:51

    Damn, that’s the coolest car ever!



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