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One year since the end.

Friday, 3 April, 2009

It’s been a year since I got my results from the nut doctors.

In that year, my life has become smaller and more frustrating. I live in a world of documentation and retail opportunities. Oh, and sex apparently. Quite honestly, that business is not really part of my world anymore. I have succeeded in learning the primary lesson of my upbringing, albeit thirty years too late: the worthlessness of effort.

Here is what I ask. When the time comes, do not bury me in Texas. If nothing else, send my cremains general delivery to 40258. Just put it on one of my cards.

For the moment I wait. The parade of consumer products outside my door offer little appeal and nothing resembling comfort. I no longer have a war worth fighting, even for whatever I have in lieu of a soul. I wait.

Exactly for what I no longer remember.

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