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Chrysler-Fiat alliance.

Wednesday, 29 April, 2009

Dear G*d, let it be so.

I do not worry for the stock asset holders. I do not worry for the bond holders. I do not worry for the dealers for whom there is insufficient punishment within the mortal realm. I do not worry for their staffs; if they can sell Sebrings, they can sell anything to anyone at any time.

My heart is with the UAW/CAW membership and their families. My heart is with the legacy of all those nameplates listed in the previous entry about Chrysler’s demise. My heart is with the legacy of the Plymouth Horizon, Plymouth Aires, Dodge Neon, Dodge D-100 and AMC Gremlin I have loved if only in passing.

I know there shall be much gnashing of teeth about this, but if a Fiat Panda is good enough for James May it’s good enough for you. There will be a next generation Chrysler 300, and it will be on a chassis intended for an Alfa Romeo with a father-raping American V8. The Ram survives. I do not wish to hear the stories of Fiats of the seventies. I do not wish to hear about the Arrow and how Chrysler destroyed Rootes and Talbot and so forth. If we can get good, practical automobiles into this country I am all for it. Especially if built by our fellow North Americans.

and furthermore I have no qualms about the possibility of the Federal Government taking a stake in the firm. We lent the money. We have a stake. Have you forgotten that We The People are the government around here? Many have, so you are not alone.

I’ve said it before and I shall say again: Sign me up for a Panda, Omni, Dart, whatever.

Don’t soften the suspension or restyle it for the dumb Americans, let us drive the real one. If you stamp it out in Illinois or Ontario or some such place all the better.

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