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Product endorsement

Tuesday, 24 November, 2009

As an American I consume products. I do so consistently. Like you, I would much rather consume goods. Goods are better in every way. Except some things. Hydrox. Ford Ranger. Pepsi One. Michelins …

I am about to endorse a product for the benefit of my tens of readers. This is a product I have used for several years. It is novel and gives years of faithful, uneventful service. I recommend this product as a gift for that person who has everything or needs nothing in the upcoming season of especially conspicuous consumption. It is not expensive, particularly in consideration of its utility.

All-Ett: The World’s Thinnest Wallet.

You are encouraged to investigate All-Ett and their many products for many purposes at their website.

The gimmick of the All-Ett is that contents give the All-Ett its structure. This is a revolution in billfold philosophy. When you receive your All-Ett, it doesn’t seem like much. That is the ingeniousness of the design. When you fill the All-Ett with your cards, cash, condom, random bits of paper found on the street with fascinatingly vague text upon them, &c., it’s purpose becomes clear. You may now package the evidence you carry around with you without the bulk of a typical leather or nylon sarcophagus and it’s many layers.

If you’d like a political angle, it’s green in that all materials used are ultimately biodegradable or recyclable and is an American technology produced in the United States. These conditions should satisfy both the hippies and the Fox sycophants in your life. Apparently, the original objective was to make a billfold for a back pocket without exacerbating one’s sciatica but you need not share this.

I carry “The World’s Thinnest Card Case”, in black leather and carry my cash outside the billfold.

All-Ett is the one product that absolutely lives up to its website. An All-Ett makes a wonderful, unexpected and long-appreciated gift.

  1. Lewis permalink
    Saturday, 5 December, 2009 10:38

    Fascinatingly, their coin purse costs more than most of their wallets. Is that ironic or just coincidental?


    • Saturday, 5 December, 2009 15:57

      The coin purse is only available in leather. The other items are sail cloth with leather as an option. Sorry to give a dry answer, but I just got up.


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