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Wine Tasting

Friday, 4 December, 2009
  1. Friday, 4 December, 2009 6:15

    You borked your palate with the smoke, that’s all.


    • Friday, 4 December, 2009 16:01

      If that was the case, I would have had to give up all wine ages ago. I sometimes think that cheap, Washington-state wine that I buy again and again may be more enjoyable because of all the gunk coating my palate. When you find yourself in our part of the world again, its one of those exotic experiences not to be found in civilization.

      It’s worse than Thunderbird.


      • Saturday, 5 December, 2009 13:26

        Go easy on those Pinot Noirs!

        You reminded me: I was working on an entry for Ripple.


  2. Brian L permalink
    Thursday, 10 December, 2009 0:42

    You have more gusto than I can ever imagine….Im glad Bob was out of the way just in case you decided to throw that bottle threw a wall or something. I was think there is NO WAY he’s going to try it..but you proved me wrong. If I get a bad vibe from aroma I pass on it.

    Best of luck on your “adventures” in wine tasting.


    • Thursday, 10 December, 2009 1:10

      I quite honestly started thinking it could be a straightforward sampling of a cheap wine. All the 7-Eleven house brand stuff is pretty good; why would the wine be different. Hoo-boy. This “wine” is one of those things so bad, you have to see how bad it really is.


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