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Personal update 11 June 2010

Friday, 11 June, 2010

The passed Monday, around six in the evening, I smoked my most recent cigarette. This from a man who was pleased with himself if he could not consume a whole pack for 24 hours. I needed a great deal of preparation for this. My “quit day” was tied to vacation time away from work. I also needed to be assured of no interruptions by people of two toxic varieties.

The first are well meaning people who have no concept of chemical withdrawal, especially those with ongoing addictions, who cannot understand why you would want to stop. It appears your addiction is something you are allowed to have in lieu of a personality or genuine interests.

The second are those who treat you with contempt. You are stupid to have started in the first place. Whatshername stopped her 10 lite cigarette per weekend habit without any serious effects; what’s wrong with you? Especially those “in recovery” who relish your trouble and pain.

I did not do this without chemical assistance. I did not do this by any of the prescribed methods. I remain astonished that the American Lung Association and Cancer Society and so on will hand out 90% failure rate goodies, but offers literally nothing for the smoker who will have authentic difficulty quitting. Such as myself. They don’t want you to stop if it won’t be relatively easy. This is the degree of their commitment.  As an aspiring ex-smoker, let me say you lot can go die in a fire for all the good you do.

Allow me to single out a particular program for an extra special dose of ire.  Allen Carr’s The Easyway to Stop [your problem here]. If this works for you, good. Also, you should grow a fucking spine you spoiled, useless turd.

Now I’m “going out” into the pretentious hell hole that is night life in Austin, Texas. I’ve elected to return home upon the first thoughts of genocide.

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