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Hamburger Diaries: BBQ Cheddar Burger at Whataburger

Tuesday, 17 August, 2010

I intended to write up more restaurant experiences before exploring specific menu items, but I am not merely a reviewer and fetishist of American-style Hamburg Steak sandwiches. I actually consume Burgers within the course of my daily life.

Whataburger’s limited-time item this month, which corresponds to their official sixtieth anniversary, is the BBQ Cheddar Burger. In previous years an approximation of this sandwich tied in with a major brand of prepared barbecue sauce. The essence is a double-large-patty Burger with ample shredded mild cheddar between the patties. Whataburger’s variety of breads are available, although a five-inch white bun is standard. Dressings are quite simple:

  • very slightly tangy barbecue sauce straight from the grocer’s
  • bright yellow mustard
  • four pickle slices
  • and reconstituted onions.

I prefer Burgers which offer a rich medley of flavors, while this is more of a folk song. The BBQ sauce isn’t too strong and is well complimented by the mustard. The onions were a bit mildly flavored. Should I find myself at Whataburger before the end of the promotion, I may try the BBQ Cheddar Burger with grilled onions on Texas Toast. The white bun is sweet, but that goes with the overall theme. I must remember to exchange the fries for onion rings, as well.

If you enjoy a less complicated flavor, and have no objection to the cheddar-barbecue combination, Whataburger’s offering is a winner.

Update 27 August: I returned to sample the BBQ Cheddar Burger with grilled onions on Texas Toast. I am disappointed to reveal that Whataburger’s grilled onions convey almost no flavor whatever. This was not anticipated. The Texas Toast, however, complimented the BBQ Cheddar Burger as well as I imagined. Less sweet, a bit of crunch and nearly buttery is even better. If you’re getting this sandwich, get it on the TT.

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