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Notes on Corolla Repair and Accessories

Sunday, 21 November, 2010

What follows are notes I’m pretty much keeping for my own reference. 

The following prices are according to Repair Pal:

  • rear strut replacement (Monroe, Gabriel or similar): $423
  • front strut replacement (Monroe, Gabriel or similar): $412
  • four-wheel alignment: $92
  • front brakes: $440
  • rear brakes: $376
  • tires (Kumho Solus KR21 205/60R15, 20mm wider and 0.89% larger circumference, and well within margin of error, over stock) $360

Total for service and maintenance items: $2103

This raises the price of the car to the tune of $200 over book value.

FWIW, I’m thinking of going to Dave’s Ultimate. Don doesn’t do suspension or tire work and I want to do all of this in one go. Although Dave’s Ultimate does not sell tires, they mount, balance, &c. and I can drop-ship directly from Tire Rack, Tire Monkey, et al.

Accessories and modifications, largely what I would do to any car I buy:

  • seat covers, front and rear in Black Endura by Exact Seat Covers of Ft. Worth: $190
  • dashboard cover, although I don’t know which just yet: about $45
  • Weathertech “floor liner” by MacNeil: $160
  • FilterMAG Oil Filtration Magnets: $40
  • Window tint by Sun Tint of Austin. Solar Gard HP Charcoal or Titanium 32 (68% light reduction) on rear doors and rear window. Solar Gard HP 50 (50% light reduction) on front doors: $200-$330 (for math below I take the average $265)
  • convex mirror for left wing mirror: $20
  • mylar sun shield: $30

Total for accessories and modifications: around $750

Total for both categories: $2853

Purchase price for car, including tax, state and some BS fees: $6100

I’m on the road in just the right car for $8953. If I’m still in the hole after two years, I won’t feel so bad. After all I’m going to pay for this with wages. Apologies to Vanguard.

I forgot wheel covers. I’m not certain what I’m going to do about that. At present it has three Corolla covers and one very similar older Camry cover. I was so fixated upon the mechanical qualities of the car, I did not notice this minor aesthetic problem. Two of the Corolla wheel covers are clearly victims of ample curve clipping. Nicer aftermarket wheel covers should run about $80 for a set. Racing discs are more expensive and may look like overcompensating on a Corolla.

This part of the project starts soon after I get my plates on the car.

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