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For thanksgiving

Wednesday, 24 November, 2010

Not sentimental, but not cooking either.

Start with five pounds or so of sweet potatoes. Peel them. Dice them. Then soak in a brine of salted water and lemon or lime juice up to twelve hours or while preparing everything else.

At least six hours [sic] before serving place your drained sweet potatoes in a disposable aluminum pan (it will be ruined) with apple slices, the juicier the better, a half-cup of brown sugar, an eighth-cup of cinnamon and two cups, or a pint of fresh-squeezed orange juice.

Just mix it all up and put it in a 250ish degree oven with everything else. Yes, for six hours. The apples will wilt. The juice will evaporate. You’ll have something that may actually be healthy. Stir before service. Place in a bowl. Dispose of the pan with lots of caked potato in it.

Let your collard greens steam for about twenty minutes or until they wilt. Ideally you should be able to fit two pounds of greens in a quart bowl. Then crumple as much bacon as you can stand over it. Cover and warm in the 250-ish oven. Stir before serving.

See Marc “The Angry Chef” Maron’s recipe for macaroni and cheese. The YouTube playlist for which I can’t seem to embed anymore.

Its “Marc goes food shopping” then “The Angry Chef Episode 2”. Sorry, but its good.

You’ll have to give ’em the bird on your own.

I’m not even going to attempt addressing mashed/whipped white potatoes.

Serve with biscuits and corn bread or johnny cakes.

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