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Friday, 31 December, 2010
  1. Anne Maron permalink
    Saturday, 1 January, 2011 20:07

    AngryStan, will you come see us in Louisville? We were “home” for you for a while and not a cage. I’ll feed you and admire your truck if you will admire my Ford Fusion. Anne


    • Tuesday, 4 January, 2011 5:43

      I need to come home. I need to smell and feel that very pure rain again. At least take a shower during which I don’t have to work to get wet. A Moby Dick sandwich might do me well. This time, however, I may not be travelling alone.

      I’ve worked out some, potentially crackpot, philosophy about how “home” makes such a strong impression, those who have that experience (Austin is chock full of former army brats) must eventually take drastic action to escape all the negative bits. I still run into moments in which I realize I am thinking like the racist I was raised to be. I shouldn’t have been ranting into the phone around the time I made this call, and certainly should not have been driving.

      My beloved and long-kept truck is to be auctioned for the benefit of public radio on January 8. You have purchased the best mid-size car available. Therefore I could not begin to imply that you might admire my recently acquired gray on gray with more gray 2004 Toyota Corolla with a mismatched hubcap. Unexpectedly fierce beast, that Corolla.


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