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About the trip

Sunday, 2 January, 2011

When I get rested and so forth, do I want to go back and listen to the audio posts? Or maybe download them and edit them into something? Perhaps I should let them be.

I did not take one picture. As I was making terrible time motoring to and through Kentucky, keeping going was of paramount importance. I have something to say about the trip itself and the version of America I looked at, that is still brewing.

Mel, Cato and myself made the trip with only a few aches and pains. Cato is not happy. Cats don’t like moving and he has moved quite a bit over the last week.

The Corolla performed flawlessly. It lives up to the legend. In fact, it’s a little better as it tracks like a Mini’s reputation and even two trips across Arkansas didn’t knock it out of alignment. I watched the oil darken between tanks of fuel, but I know what to do about that. From 40 to 70 it is among the quickest cars I’ve ever driven. I have only done some figuring in my head, but I’m thinking about 42 MPG at mostly 65 MPH. At a steady 3000 the car maintains 72 MPH. Over 3000 rpm it drinks gas. I wasn’t behind the wheel for the entire drive.

The high speed during the trip, according to Piers Morgan, was over 80. I honestly don’t know where that happened, although I suspect during some of the maneuvering required between Memphis and Jackson. Or it could be an anomaly of the software.

In case you were wondering, America is still there.

Much gratitude goes out to Mrs. Noonan for her hospitality on the far end, Brian Lovins, a peace officer in southern Indiana for weather, traffic updates, and wonderful conversation while I was touring rural Arkansas in the wee hours, Dr. Anne Maron for an unheeded invitation to crash in the Louisville area, and M. Heather King for casing the spell which made all of this possible.

God, I’m tired.

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