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Do anything for you?

Monday, 7 February, 2011

Do either of these ads do “anything” for you?

First is an ad for the worldwide Jeep Grand Cherokee from June ’10. It is one of the first post-bailout ads. The vintage factory images are all taken from Jam Handy’s Master Hands, a promotional film for Chevrolet Motors made in 1936 which has fallen into public domain. The modern, industrial images are new footage made at Chrysler’s development center.

Next we have an ad for a near-luxury brand’s new model featuring the most conspicuous celebrity from the city in which it is made and exported [sic].

Maybe its because I grew up on the side of town that was built on UAW wages, but that hit one of my buttons. If we can rebuild “Detroit” we can do anything. Maybe even rebuild New Orleans.

  1. Graeme permalink
    Monday, 7 February, 2011 18:14

    Both of them seem like Obama’s Hope & Change campaign slogans.

    Selling the promise of re-birth, but watching these doesn’t make me believe. I just think, “wouldn’t it be nice.”

    More cynically, I think these are odes to American labor made by Americans who have destroyed the earning power of American labor.


    • Tuesday, 8 February, 2011 15:27

      Although I am somewhat more optimistic hearing the persistent rumors of firings and reorganization in Auburn Hills, and knowing what Marchionne did for Fiat before, and hearing that more AMC [read: trained to do more with almost nothing] than Iacocca guys are roaming the executive suites these days …

      I was hoping to promote discussion, but you’ve pretty much wrapped it up.


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