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Video project

Friday, 11 March, 2011

Project: A roughly half-hour fictional video about a guy not unlike me, and who has the same name. I am seeking criticism and advice. The following are mere notes I am transcribing from a week of scribbling on paper.As the project exists today, it will be shot both outdoors and indoors with a crappy old pocket camcorder. The audio processing is something I know I can handle. I am so far away from a final script with which I am comfortable, I shall not even pretend that it is forthcoming.

  1. I may need better audio than what is available on my pocket camcorder.
  2. I shall require a facsimile of a wind screen for whatever mic system I use, even the integrated mic on the PXL-2010.
  3. If I do not upgrade the camera(s), the raw footage is 640×480. Honestly, I think that is sufficient for my purposes.
  4. I don’t have real editing or effects software. Just imovie. The only effects I require are day-for-night and some kind of image censoring. Imovies’s day-for-night is insufficient. About the censoring: I wish to imply that someone within the video is walking around improperly dressed. Due to my distribution system (read: Youtube, Dailymotion, et al.), and the fact that the scene cannot be shot quickly using my methods and is outdoors in a particularly public place, the authentic article is not practical. Besides, the censor gag is always a bit more so than the real thing.
  5. Among the gags are conversations through computer video-chat. I still have to structure what that is actually going to look like on-screen. All of these interactions could just as well be phone calls, but that’s less fun.
  6. This project involves four in-person interactive characters, and three individuals with whom one character chats remotely. I wish to imply these people are in specific locations far away. Indeed, I aspire to collaborate with people far away, but do not quite know how to imply they are in some distant location unless, say, the Space Needle happens to be visible from their window.
  7. The story takes place in Austin, Texas, explicitly. That is, people talk about going to Austin events, leaving for destinations within driving distance of Austin and so forth. This is not used to the extent of opacity to those unfamiliar with the area.
  8. For obvious reasons I wish to avoid using music under copyright, but similarly aspire to avoid references to trademarks wherever possible. In our world today, that is more difficult than at first it appears.
  9. I wish to create a single prop. It is a particular box of cookies. (That one cannot merely purchase these cookies in real life is essential.) While I can readily output art, for wrapping another box perhaps, I no longer have access to the tools to create that art.
  10. For one shot during one sequence, I require a character to be standing in a spot that suggests beauty and majesty. I don’t know where that is. I suspect I am not yet thinking of this the right way.

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