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Dinner Diaries

Saturday, 10 September, 2011

Because when I go out, I don’t always have a Burger. The first few of these are just going to be running of the mouth. If they catch on, I’ll copypaste to Yelp or something. On my mind:

  • Jim’s
  • Quality Seafood
  • Madam Mam’s
  • Pho Thai Phun
  • Dynasty Buffet
  • Buffet Palace
  • Cannoli Joe’s
  • Thundercloud Subs, who isn’t quite dinner but isn’t Hamburgers either

All of these are positive reviews. I’m going to hold back on the negative reviews for a while. If you are a visitor to Austin and find this, the restaurants with insane praise on Yelp et al are crap. It’s the little holes, and weird regional chains, for the most part, where the good food may be found.

While I’m here if you crave proper donuts in Austin go either to Shipley’s two locations, the one and only Mrs. Johnson’s or the chain named after that location’s neighborhood followed by Donut in red sanserif over the door. (South Lamar Donut, Airport Donut, First St. Donut, etc.) No web site or anything but you’ll see them around.

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