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Contemplating Thanksgiving Dinner

Wednesday, 16 November, 2011

I’m a sucker for Thanksgiving. As bitter and ungrateful as I appear, this day is one to take seriously. I appreciate that this day may be as religious or secular as may be appropriate for your household. It can be as family-oriented or isolationist, or more likely somewhere in between, as you can handle.

Here’s the menu so far, aside from a modestly sized roast turkey:

  • macaroni and cheese, inspired by Horn & Hardart’s classic
  • sweet potatoes and apples, with orange and brown sugar
  • mashed potatoes in the creamy, classic southern style
  • well seasoned collard greens
  • dressing, or “stuffing” for you weirdos
  • fresh cranberry sauce

I don’t know about bread(s). If left to my own devises cornbread and drop biscuits would be on the menu, but we are working with only two ovens. I may break down and get a slow cooker, the most conspicuous absence in my arsenal.

This time every year I think about the dream Thanksgiving dinner which I shall throw someday. This includes a proper country ham, the Baker family’s proprietary oyster dressing, an additional assortment of green vegetables, pigeon peas with pearl onions especially, and magnums of the wine I’m trying to choose right now.

Alas, another solemn, modest Thanksgiving is in order. However, feel free to invite yourself over. That too is my tradition.

See you at Central Markup this weekend?

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