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Hamburger Diaries: Restaurant of the Year 2011

Saturday, 31 December, 2011

Five Guys is the highest quality. Jack in the Box is the best value. Short Stop is the hometown favorite.

However, despite a sub-par experience in June, the sentimental favorite is Kiki Evans’ Fat Ho Burger. Everything good about Fat Ho Burgers was very, very good. The sub-par elements were understandable. The allegedly unprofessional aspects were all heart. If Fat Ho wasn’t pushing a new kind of Burger, I know not of its source.

Congratulations to Waco’s Fat Ho Burger, the first Hamburger Diaries Restaurant of the Year.

Word came in November of their closure. According to the Waco Herald-Tribune Ms. Evans is turning her enterprise into a lunch truck, although it has yet to be spotted. May I present the fond wishes of the staff and management of the Hamburger Diaries for a quick recovery from this hiatus.

If the California, Kentucky or Indiana franchise rights remain available, please let us know.


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