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Lack of posting

Saturday, 26 May, 2012
  • My life has resembled a hurricane of chaos and anxiety for the last eighteen months.
  • This is only the third post on this blog in the present year.
  • I cannot seem to make sense of very much and have entered Kafka’s Labyrinth, or the health insurance system as it is sometimes known, in hopes of finding something approaching peace of mind.
  • Every therapist I approach has a practice which would more properly appear in A MAD Look at Psychotherapy rather than the listings of my alleged health provider.
  • As much as I hate the hole where I live in lieu of a proper home, this is where I shall stay until I repair all the fiscal damage of those many, many months of especially poor judgement.
  • The pedantry and unfathomable priorities of Austin and its denizens are grating like never before. The city has $2 million to spend on grocery tote bags for SNAP recipients, yet two sets of stripes remain on Airport Blvd. Neither set is especially apparent. The municipal water supply remains viscous.
  • Again I am queried by visitors about Austin’s high crime rate which, in objective reality, does not exist. This is due to the confounding and expensive omnipresence of highly visible police who are mostly looking for something to do.
  • I fantasize about getting on with my life, and resuming what of a creative process I once enjoyed much in the same way other people dream of being millionaires.
  • Among the things which exasperate is the idea I had many experiences with which I needed varieties of help but am restricted from talking about, especially here.
  • The brilliant, beautiful and charming beast with which I live interacts only with me, and no longer has a safe area out of doors to explore. This causes more than a little distress.
  • My green air conditioning is very economical to run. This is largely because it in no way lowers the temperature in the apartment. As I type it is 6:00 AM and the temperature inside has lowered to 95 degrees. It will be thirty degrees warmer this afternoon. Bob and I sometimes  hang around the hallway or take trips in the car just to get out of the heat.
  • After five weeks of especially concentrated chaos, I am taking the weekend off in all ways save a deep clean of my hovel and a visit to a proper washateria.
  • I get to start being human again not before December 2015. Even then I suspect it may not be worth the bother.

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