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Austin Pasta

Thursday, 21 February, 2013

Because the tap water is so bad, and therefore must be filtered at least once, in the interest of efficiency I have devised a method of preparing pasta using a minimum amount of water.

This does not work with long pasta, like spaghetti.

Rinse a 13.25 oz. “pound” of pasta within your colander not unlike rice.

Add the pasta and one quart of water in the rice cooker. If you have a glass-lidded rice cooker add an additional 4 oz. or 1 cup.

Push the button. If you have a soup/stew/porridge mode use that. The cooker will switch to off when the pasta is done. Unlike traditional preparation this will take closer to fifteen minutes.

It doesn’t look like enough water, but it is. You can add oil, butter or seasoning if you wish but this is not required.

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