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I need to get back here or anywhere, really.

Sunday, 3 May, 2015

I apologize for the hiatus.

No longer have I the heart for political ranting. No longer can I consume the objectives of the Hamburger Diaries; someone else should take the mantle. HD appears to be a worthwhile project. Not merely reviews, but historic and social context.

I have a fantasy. It’s a rogue commune or retirement community for the Gen X types made up of “tiny houses”, RVs and other such things which would be out in the middle of nowhere. Bring your own house. Alas, it appears decades away but I may have worked out how to pull it off by then.

Your humble narrator is trapped in a life which is the culmination of hundreds of errors of judgement, mostly taken in desperation. My poor state of mind cannot help, and help of a professional, serious nature may not exist in objective reality.

I come here no longer because the value of what I have to say is not worth the effort to communicate. I am lost, obese, embittered and living in a city I view as my abuser. I wish to resume some semblance of a creative life, but mostly I’m doing well to put trousers on before I head out to work.

Tiny changes are coming. Some will help. Some will not. I don’t know which just yet. Please try to make me giggle or something. That is pretty much what I have.

I need to write:

  • The final edition of Hamburger Diaries, my analysis of In and Out Burger as a regular customer.
  • Observations on K-pop as a social phenomenon in the US, by someone entirely outside the target demographic.
  • Using this place to vent my general frustrations with this inexplicable American regimentation or what the adolescent sages called Telecommnihomogenization.

We’ll see.

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