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About “Angry” Stan Baker

Stan W. Baker aka angrystan

Stan W. Baker, September 2012

I listen closely to Stan Baker. Stan Baker has predicted at least five major cultural developments & changes that have occurred during the last ten years, and he toldme these things would happen twenty years ago. He didn’t say when, he just said “soon.” He was right. He was also born to work in the advertising industry- his ideas about marketing border on Rain-Man levels of genius.

Sean A. Garrison, 05 February, 2009

Stan is an insufficiently humble working-class person stranded in Austin, Texas enduring a long standing neurological disorder. Originating in Louisville, Kentucky, Stan moved to Austin, Texas in 1996 because one could work there.

All posts before December 5th, 2007 were originally intended and formatted for the Live Journal system. These entries are almost certain to have exemplary formatting problems. Stan participated on Live Journal between July 2001 and February 2009.

Stan W. Baker of Austin, Texas adopted this nick in March 1999. AngryStan on Wikipedia, Angrystan on YouTube and the Siberian pornographer are other people. Stan has no connection to the similarly named video-game fan fiction group.

Available sporadically through Skype, AIM/iChat, Google Talk, and Jabber via gmail. It’s always just “angrystan”. Try @angrystan on Twitter.

Please style the nick “angrystan”. It is a single nine-letter word, never capitalized, not even at the beginning of a sentence. For the love of god, no camelCase.

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